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"They rip out the stuff in the images that you don't need or want, optimize them and return the smallest possible file they can make from your image without losing any quality."

"An online tool such as, that can process entire folders of imagery at once, can be great value at launch time."

" is a third-party website which does the same thing as JPEGmini. The nice thing about, is it can actually crawl your website and do all of your images for you without you having to upload or drag-and-drop photos"
Virginia SEO

"The solution is image optimization and none do it better than the guys at is the web’s best image optimization engine. They often manage to reduce an image size by a staggering amount (80-90% reduction is not unlikely), while keeping image quality at an unbelievably high level. It really needs to be seen to be believed [...]"
Thrive Themes

"In conclusion, is a great web service to replace existing desktop apps such as ImageOptim. Pro users also have the neat ability to use the API, so that images can be optimized on a website’s deployment. As long as you’re happy with the default settings provides, however, it’s a great service and will help you maintain high performance on your own website."
Andrew Munsell

"With features from API integration to image resizing, it’s no wonder why Flude recommends to increase app speed. Kraken’s resizing feature scales your images to the sizes that suit your audience’s primary mobile platforms. The company’s motto maintains that “every single pixel counts”- and the work reflects this ethos."
The Next Web

" is another such web service that aims to help you with compressing your images without compromising their quality. It differs from TinyPNG and JPEGmini in that it supports multiple image formats including PNG, JPEG, GIF and even SVG. It also features lossless and lossy optimization modes, giving you flexibility and choice between quality and compression."

"Another great service that provides is the API that allows developers to integrate the optimiser into their own applications. [...] Using to optimise all the images on our home page, we saved 387.16KB which is even more than what Google was suggesting. Our page size now comes to 3.1MB and takes only 2.11 seconds to load. This has also resulted in our PageSpeed Score increasing from 75 (72 on mobile) to 86 (84 on mobile)."
Passion Digital

"Lets face it, Photoshop is not that great for making optimized images. That is where third party tools come in. The one that I love is [...] Using is a key to having a speedy site."
Design Haus 42

"At Debadge Design, we’re crazy about website optimisation – almost to the point of obsession. [...] One such tool we like to use for our image optimisation is an online service called This little beauty of a tool is an absolute joy to use, and has some truly awesome image optimisation techniques."
Debadge Design

"We recommend excellent tool Image Optimizer to optimize your images online."

"What makes this great is, I have already optimize my images with some image editing software, but when I try [Kraken], the images still can be optimize without reducing its quality, might be good for you who still try optimizing the images for any projects."

"In this short post, I would like to give you a link to a useful service, which I often use to optimize a large number of pictures before you posting them on the site. Service is called Kraken."
Evgeny Popov

"Minimizing the size of images is an important part of the process for creating faster loading web pages. We usually play with various variables while saving images to make sure they are optimized like the colors used, file type or quality but there can still be some bytes hidden., a free to use web application, finds those bytes and optimizes the images with a user-friendly interface."

"Are you running low on space or maybe you want to optimize images so the images are smaller and save you vital bandwidth online. If yes, is the perfect tool for you. is an online image optimization tool that allows users to optimize images and reduce image size. Unlike other services on the Internet, is fast."

"Due to the increased popularity of digital photography and blogging, many people today are faced with the need to batch upload images to the network. A vital tool in this case could be a service, which will be discussed in today's issue. His address - will do you a favor by optimizing images. [...] So, this online service, burns excess fat in photos and makes them the most light, optimal for viewing on the Web."

" reduces the file size of jpg, gif and png graphics without affecting the visual appearance. [...] A major advantage of the is upload by drag and drop and the ability to process up to 20 files in parallel."

" — Geek Site of the Week"
IT Republik

"Images are heavily used on many types of websites. Unless you can be absolutely sure that every visitor of your website has a super blazing fast network and the price of bandwidth is not a problem, then image optimization or compression is not an issue. But in reality, it’s not the case and using some optimization tools is a must. The quality of image after compressing is another factor."
Medley Web

", is a free online application that can help you find those hidden bytes and optimize the images. The online image optimizer provides a user-friendly interface and has a couple of nice features like: multiple image upload (up to 20, max 1MB each) via drag and drop from your local machine, JPG and PNG support for optimization or simple image upload."
Bogdan Teodoru

"The tests I made are quite significant when compared to traditional compression software with an additional gain between 10 and 15% without any noticeable degradation."

" is one of my favorites, not just because it has a cool name, but because the interface is sleek and nearly dummy-proof. [...] Additionally, you can use the uploader interface (which also includes a drag-and-drop option vs. browsing and selecting) to send images from your local system to compress or you can give them the URL for the image you want to compress (which means you won’t have to download an image that you’ve already posted somewhere, just to upload it to before downloading the resultant compressed file!)."
Freeware Genius